RETRO TREATS - Wedding, party and event bags and favours

Our full range - of over 25 creamy flavours - of home made fudge is also available and may be selected wrapped in traditonal paper bags or in highly-presentable cellophane gift bags ready to give away. Over 20 flavours to try, all packaged in gift - bags ready to give as a present or to keep. Priced at £4.40 a slab, each weighing no less than 200gs and individually wrapped for freshness. Keep it in the fridge or at room temperature.

Our fudge is cut from the bar and sliced ready to eat. Choose from:

Creamy traditional fudge

Scottish Tablet, the crumbly favourite

Baileys a creamy rich fudge sprinkled with white chocolate

Banoffee,  creamy chocolate and banana

Rum and Raisin


Maple and Walnut

Cherry and Almond

Cherry cream slab

Chocolate Orange layer

Lemon cheesecake layer fudge

Belgium chocolate

Double chocolate, the most chocolately fudge

Creamy coated in thick milk chocolate - the double dip creamy

Bounty bar - thick moist coconut slab covered in milk chocolate

Raspberry Ripple - raspberry coconut slab coated in thick milk chocolate

Pina Colada - layered conconut with a stripe of pineapple coconut topping


Toffee - a creamy fudge with a ripple of toffee sauce throughout

Rhubard and Custard - not as mad as it sounds - a payer of tangy rhubarn flavour on a  creamy custard fudge slab

Mint choc layer fudge

Smarty fudge, a creamy fudge topped with colouful smarty beans

Marzipan - a smooth creamy fudge flavoured with almond paste