RETRO TREATS - Wedding, party and event bags and favours

Choose from a range of 200 plus sweets, select the desired weigh-out and sit back whilst we do the rest.We also have a sugar - free range:

Aniseed Balls £1.20 for 100g

Acid Drops, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Black Jacks and Fruit Salad chews mixed £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice Allsorts £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice Spogs - the blue and pink sweets that come in allsorts £1.20 for 100g

Liqourice Torpedoes , often called Comfits £1.20 for 100g

Liqourice Toffees £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice Pontefract Cakes - soft round liqourice  £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice Gums, £1.20 for 100g

Black and White Mint Liqourice squares £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice and Banana stripes £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice and Strawberry stripes £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice and Mint stripes £1.20 for 100g

Liquorice and Apple stripes £1.20 for 100g

Buttermints, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Everton Mints £1.20 for 100g

Bulls Eyes £1.20 for 100g

Mint Imperials, small traditional mints £1.20 for 100g

Mint Dragees - flat rounds of mint with a sugar shell £1.20 for 100g

Spearmint Dragees - flat rounds of spearmint with a sugar shell £1.20 for 100g

Army and Navy - branded sweets - the real deal not an imitation £1.80 for 100g

Gray's Herbal Tablets - branded sweets - the real deal not an imitation £1.80 for 100g

Cough Candy Twist - unwrapped or individually wrapped please say which you prefer £1.20 for 100g

Cherry Menthol, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Lemon and Honey Menthol, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Assorted Toffees, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Banana Split Toffees, individually Wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Chocolate Eclair Toffees, individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Plain Toffee Bars 90p per bar

Banana Split Toffee Bars 90p per bar

Brazil Nut Toffee Bars 90 p per bar

Werthers - a tube of hard or of sft chewy sweets 60 p per tube

Love Hearts - a tube of sweets 50 p per tube

Love Hearts - small wrapped tubes of sweets bought by weight £1.20 for 100g

Shertbert Fountain - a traditional tube of sherbert with its own straw of liquorice 50 p per tube

Mixed Sours - assorted fizzy sweets £1.20 for 100g

Refreshers - the sherbert filled giant chews individually wrapped £1.20 for 100g

Parma Violets, smalled wrapped tubes of violet scented sweets from the seventies £1.20 for 100g

Swizzlers , small wrapped tubes of fizzy sweets from the seventies £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - very fizzy, pink and blue bottles £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Bubbleum Balls - very fizzy balls in blue and pink £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Lemon and Orange Balls - very fizzy balls in orange and yellow £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Melon Balls - very fizzy green and pink balls £1.20 for 100g

Huge Gob Stoppers - the traditional everlasting sweets for those who dare 60 p each

Medium - still large - Gobstoppers in assorted colours bought individually  40 p each

Gob Stopper Gum Balls - bought by the weight £1.20 for 100g

Anglo Bubblies - bought individually, yes they smell and taste like they used to 5p  each

Flying Saucers - bought individually, a flying saucer shaped sweet filled with sherbert 10 p each

Sherbert Pips - often called Tom Thumbs - small pips of sherbert £1.40 per 100g

Rhubarb and Custard Sherbert Pips £1.40 per 100g

Cream Soda Sherbert Pips £1.40 per 100g

Fizzy Peaches £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Melons £1.20 for 100g

Giant Apples £1.20 for 100g

Giant Strawberries £1.20 for 100g

Fruity Alphabet Gums £1.20 for 100g

Fruit Pastilles £1.20 for 100g

Candy Alphabets  £1.20 for 100g

Fruit Salad Gums £1.20 for 100g

Sport Mixture £1.20 for 100g

Butterscotch Gums £1.20 for 100g

Smartys £1.20 for 100g

Chocolate Mints, individually wrapped sweets £1.20 for 100g

Chocolate Fruits, individually wrapped sweets £1.20 for 100g

Choloate Limes, individually wrapped sweets £1.20 for 100g

Lime Smoothies , small lime sweets with a choc middle £1.20 for 100g

Fruit Satins, triangle shaped small sweets in fruity flavours £1.20 for 100g

Sweet peanuts - individually wrapped sweets with a peanut inside £1.20 for 100g

Toffee Whirls - the traditional creamy vanilla flavoured toffee sweet £1.20 for 100g

Toffee Crumble - hard to get hold of and hard to put down, in traditional, mint choc or choc orange flavours please say which you prefer £1.80 for 100g

Chocolate Tobacco - hard to get hold of. The fully branded sweet. Curls of choc coated coconut £1.80 per 100g

Summer Creams - crumbly textured fruity cream centred sweets £1.20 for 100g

Meerkats - very fruity soft gums £1.20 for 100g</p><p>Small dophins - blue and white little dolphin gums £1.20 for 100g

Fruity Jelly Butterflies £1.20 for 100g

Giant Dolphins - truly huge fruity blue and white dolphins 60 p each

Giant Snakes - huge snakes 60 p each

Giant Spiders - the size of your hand - 60p each

Choc Mice - white choc or strawberry please state your preference 10p each

Small choc mice - £1.20 for 100g

Dracula fangs - big ones - £1.20 for 100g

Dracula gums and teeth - chewy milky and strawberry flavoured - £1.20 for 100g

Fizzy Dracula Teeth - £1.20 for 100g

Horror Mix - teeth, brains, the horrible lot - £1.20 for 100g

Skeletor - a full gummy fruity skeleton - 60 each

Fruity Racing Cars - assorted colours very fruity falvoured gums - £1.20 for 100g

Dusted or Plain Milk Bottles - soft milky gums in bottle shapes - £1.20 for 100g

Milk Shake Bottles - assorted fruity milk shake flavoured bottles £1.20 for 100g

Mad Bananas - Huge foamy bananas - £1.20 for 100g

Bananarama - medium sized banana shaped sweets £1.20 for 100g

Giant Shrimps - pink fruity flavoured foamy sweets £1.20 for 100g


TWILIGHT MIX - Dracula teeth, fruity and fizzy too, bones, hearts, stars, white choc skulls

ZOO MIX - Big dolphins, baby dolphins, meerkats, worms and snakes, crocodiles, mice

SPORTS MIX - Chocolate foil covered footie and rugby balls, fruity sports kit, racing cars

RETRO MIX - The retro favourits incl flying saucers, black jacs and fruit salad, refreshers, etc